The SAPIO Group operates in the Italian and international markets
of the medical and industrial gas sector.


Through our dedicated company SAPIO, we produce, develop
and market gases, special mixers, new technologies
and integrated services for the industrial sector.
Instead, for the public and private health sectors we produce medical gases
and provide integrated domiciliary assistance services through SAPIO LIFE.
We are also present in the world of biotechnology through the company BIOREP
who can provide services on behalf of third parties for the cryopreservation
of biological material and management of clinical trials.


from gases used in
protective atmosphere packing
and in drinks to cryogenic freezing.


Environment and Energy:
from gases and technologies for
water purification and soil treatment
to hydrogen for the desulphurisation of fuels
and as an energy carrier and to coolant gases.


from the collection, transport, processing
and cryopreservation of biological material
and laboratory medicine analysis to the
realisation of turnkey storage centres.


from nitrogen for inertisation and degassing
to technologies for solvent recovery,
micronisation, cryomaceration and lyophilisation.


from ultrapure gases to distribution plants
for microchip production.


from gases and metals for welding and
cutting to heat treatment of metals.


from products, technologies and services for
hospitals,biobanks and hyperbaric chambers
to those for aerosol therapy, oxygen therapy,
ventilation therapy, sleep medicine,
telemonitoring, artificial nutrition,
therapeutic aids, communicators
and home care.


Glass and Cement:
from enrichment technologies
using pure oxygen and oxycombustion
to increase the productivity of
fusion furnaces and reduce emissions
to noble gases for special applications.


Quality. Safety. Environment.
For us, the word “quality” above all signifies being at the service of our customers,
supplying products and services par excellence aimed at improving daily life.
An aim that we constantly try to achieve making use of all our human,
technological and production resources.


Sapio. An ethical company.
In Sapio, we care about the definition “Ethical Company”:
i.e. a system of principles that guide us through all
our daily managerial, production and commercial decisions,
in our rapport with our employees and with others such as shareholders.  


We believe in respect for the environment, we are committed to energy saving,
environmental protection and eco-sustainable development.
We are convinced that our own development moves forward hand-in-hand
with our integration in the social life of the nation.

Code of ethics Sapio.pdf


Sapio complies fully with the organisation model provided for by decree 231/01.
In order to monitor the effectiveness of the 231/01 model, Sapio has set up independent monitoring bodies to whom anyone can report
violations or presumed violations of the model by sending an e-mail to: - -
or by writing to: Sapio Srl - Via S. Pellico, 48 - 20900 Monza (Italy)

Sapio MOG 231.pdf - Sapio Life MOG 231.pdf - Life Cure MOG 231.pdf