from gases used in
protective atmosphere packing
and in drinks to cryogenic freezing.


Environment and Energy:
gases and technologies for environment and treatment of water and purification.
Fromhydrogen to bio LNG for the development of renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility.


from the collection, transport, processing
and cryopreservation of biological material
and laboratory medicine analysis to the
realisation of turnkey storage centres.


from nitrogen for inertisation and degassing
to technologies for solvent recovery,
micronisation, cryomaceration and lyophilisation.


from ultrapure gases to distribution plants
for microchip production.


from gases and metals for welding and
cutting to heat treatment of metals.


from products, technologies and services for
hospitals,biobanks and hyperbaric chambers
to those for aerosol therapy, oxygen therapy,
ventilation therapy, sleep medicine,
telemonitoring, artificial nutrition,
therapeutic aids, communicators
and home care.


Glass and Cement:
from enrichment technologies
using pure oxygen and oxycombustion
to increase the productivity of
fusion furnaces and reduce emissions
to noble gases for special applications.