Gruppo SAPIO. Breathing the future.


Breathing is a natural everyday action.
Coupled with the words "infinity" and "future", the concept underlines
our daily commitment and combined effort to give more space and more
importance to the quality and value of life itself.
Breathing the future signifies designing the life of tomorrow today,
making it better for all of us.


The Premio Sapio per la Ricerca e l'Innovazione was founded in 1999 to promote the spread of ideas, scientific discussion, awareness of new technologies and innovation. In this respect, the interaction and co-operation of universities, businesses and associations is made full use of in developing research and innovation.


During its 14 editions, 74 "Study Days" have been organised covering various subjects, awards have been granted to 55 researchers working in Italy and collaboration agreements made with leading universities, research centres and national social-health institutions.


In addition to highlighting the constant attention paid by the Sapio Group to the scientific world, this also provides a perfect example of its commitment towards divulging, promoting and developing Italian research. Further confirmation of the value of the Sapio Award has been the presence of the President of the Republic who awarded the prizes to the winners.