The vision oriented towards a sustainable future necessarily revolves around integrity as the key to development. The ethical code adopted by the Sapio Group guides every choice, action, and relationship according to the principles of legality, transparency, ethics, and respect, in utmost alignment with the company’s values. Sapio operates with the goal of creating value for customers, suppliers, employees, and the community, actively committing to the preservation and protection of environmental resources.

The Sapio Group is aware of the importance for society and the social significance of its activities and is inspired by the ethical principles outlined in its own Ethical Code, compliance with which is required of all involved parties.

The Sapio Group firmly believes that adherence to ethical principles is an indispensable requirement for sustainable growth, considering its image and reputation as values that must be safeguarded and developed as a common asset through the widespread, shared, and observed dissemination of the ethical principles and behaviors contained in the Ethical Code.

The organizational, management, and control model, adopted in accordance with Legislative Decree 231 of 2001, integrates the Ethical Code and serves as an operational tool for implementing the principles outlined therein.