The industrial sector represents the history of the Sapio Group and its continuous drive towards the future through innovation and international competitiveness. Sapio is one of the few Italian companies that can count on 100 years of experience in the production of industrial gases in all their most disparate applications and technologies.
The Group’s expertise in the sector is so vast and deep-rooted that it is able to respond to the market demands for gases in every production sector, from small craftsmen to large industry.


Sapio has been producing industrial and medical gases for 100 years. Over time we have integrated the essential services for the most disparate production sectors and for the day-to-day life of people.
With over 40 subsidiaries, production sites and commercial offices, Sapio operates throughout Italy and abroad. Internationally Sapio provides the essential expertise to ensure the continuous improvement of productivity, performance and environmental sustainability of every customer.


Biomethane is a decisive renewable gas for a future energy source with zero emissions at the lowest cost for citizens and companies.
Sapio is a partner of agricultural companies and industries for the entire production process of advanced biomethane and for the passage from the production of biogas to the production of biomethane, right through to the distribution and introduction in the haulage market.


Hydrogen is the sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and the future for industry.
The Sapio Group has pioneered the application of hydrogen as an energy vector and fuel for sustainable mobility. In fact, Sapio produces hydrogen generated by natural gas plants capable of recovering CO2 (Carbon Capture) without any emissions into the environment.


People’s health, quality of the care and qualified medical assistance are the core principles of the Group’s companies operating in the health sector. The Sapio Group supports patients and their families with an integrated and highly specialised offer, through an extensive network of services, aids and qualified homecare personnel. It is also the main supplier to hospitals of gases, and related systems and technologies.


Sapio Life is the reference point for hospitals to which it supplies gases, technologies and medical devices, and for patients through an integrated and qualified range of homecare services, such as nurses, specialised physicians, rehabilitation as well as psychological and educational support.
The Sapio Life services allow for a continuity between hospital care and homecare, with an optimal level of efficiency, reliability and simplicity, for both health institutions (local health authorities, hospitals) and users and patients.


Life Cure is a company specialised in integrated homecare services that include nursing, specialised physicians, rehabilitation, psychological and educational support for people who are not self-sufficient or in frail conditions and their families.


Sistemi Iperbarici is a company specialised in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Since 1995 it has created and managed state of the art centres, that guarantee utmost levels of quality, safety, control and technology in therapeutic applications. Sistemi Iperbarici supplies hyperbaric chambers and systems, gas and fire-prevention systems, control systems, specialised equipment, furniture and whatever else may be necessary.

PAZIENTI.IT is the platform that promotes reliable medical and scientific information and innovative services, custom made for patients and specialists. Users can access the profiles of thousands of doctors, consult the medical dictionary, the answers of specialists as well as discover and book video consultations directly from the website.


The first Italian company that produces medical and electric medical communication devices for people with disabilities.


SonnoService offers patients suffering from sleep breathing disorders with diagnosis services at home, as well as all the material necessary for the therapy. Patients are assisted throughout the diagnostic-therapeutic process across Italy and sleep medicine centres are supported with more complex cases.


Sapio Group’s expertise, specialisation, in-depth know-how of gases and their applications at the service of the most advanced scientific research projects, biology, the medical and health world and pharmaceutical companies.


BioRep is the first Biological Resources Centre that can provide public and private research institutions (hospitals, universities, clinics), and biotech and pharmaceutical companies, with laboratory, transport, processing, cryoconservation and distribution services for biological material.